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I have hundreds of documented 5-Star reviews helping new and existing real estate investors just like you! 

I have been a Realtor, active real estate investor, or real estate trainer since 1996! I have worked with Carleton H Sheets, Robert Kiyosaki, Ron LeGrand, Robert Allen, Armando Montelongo, Scott Yancey, Doug Clark, and many others, but I wanted to offer more 1-1 attention for a simple hourly you don't need to give up your savings to become financially better off in real estate. Check out our great options below! 

Our Services

Fresh Start Partner

New and overwhelmed?

Need a bailout from an expensive guru?

​Are you a budget conscious investor?

We are so confident in our ability to help you improve your real estate activity, and likely, results...that we are willing to offer you expert real estate consulting in exchange for 50% of the profit from your first deal! 

You will get access to the Real Estate Mastery course videos, evaluation tools, and 60* minutes of 1-1 time with an experienced partner mentor  per month at no charge!

We expect that as you experience success with our consulting, you consent to providing a video testimonial.

To help you s
ucceed, you simply agree to use our proven marketing system to grow your real estate traffic and engagement for only $397 per month! (3 month minimum commitment)

*All consulting time is calculated or credited,  in 15 minute minimum increments.

Full Partner

Are you ready to go but require more hand-holding guidance?

You will receive access to premium software that offers access to public records, help calculate property values, help calculate repair costs, help network with other active real estate investors, and more! 

You will receive access to master marketing system that works virtually on auto-pilot 5 days a week! 

​You will receive your own lead generation squeeze page (you only have to buy or provide a domain name).

Best of all, you will receive virtually unlimited access to the same master real estate partner and consultant Monday through Saturday from 9am to 9pm Eastern. (each call cannot exceed 1 hour per call). Email answered Monday through Friday.

Only $2,000 per month (3 month minimum purchase).

Local on-site training, Shadowing, and additional time.

To better serve our partners at every level, we also offer...

Local on-site training. This is where we meet you in your area of choice for 2 or more (8 hour) days of personal real estate consulting. Ask about pricing.

Shadow training. This is where you can visit one of our master real estate partner and consultant his or her own area-where they are actively working on deals. Observe the typical day in a life, looking at deals, evaluating deals, talking to team members, and more! Ask about pricing and availability.

Additional time. Mostly for our Fresh Start Partners who need more time or super advanced partners who just need to speak to a master real estate partner and consultant. $250 per hour* (4 hour minimum purchase).

*All consulting time is calculated, credited, or billed in 15 minute minimum increments.

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See why my clients love our training!

P. Lavonne B.

Adam was an excellent trainer, He was professional and communicated in a way we could follow and understand the material.

Jerome L.

Adam is a great trainer with a big heart. A lot of patience. Attentive to all our needs and questions.

Douglas C.

Adam is a great instructor with tremendous patience and the ability to answer confusing questions. He was very thorough and took the time to break down every section of the process.

Tuan D.

Very knowledgable, helpful, clear and say to understand.

Shadow Training

You can get access to behind the scenes, shadowing a true real estate insider and active investor.

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Learn and Do the Work that Pays!

Learn how to streamline your time and focus only on those skills and activities that pay the big rewards!

Adam already went through the school of hard knocks over 24 years in the business so you can skip that learning curve! He will help you with a personalized plan and you will have direct access to him until you succeed! 

A More Meaningful
Learning Experience

 An active real estate investor and experienced trainer, Adam also holds a PhD in education because he loves teaching, sharing, and helping others to succeed. You simply buy access for the time and resources you need.
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You could be part of the SHOW!

Adam believes real people need real results, so he is creating a show called The Real Estate Insider, where he will feature the experiences of real students applying real techniques to achieve real results!

2 Powerful Marketing Solutions!!

We incorporate next-level software that can help you with finding buyers, finding sellers, analyzing comps, analyzing repairs, and so much more!

We have also partnered with Act Now Partners to create amazing video and social media packages that increase activity, reputation, and likely results!

Looking for True Relationship-Based Mentoring?

You will have the same mentor all the way through your program!

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Who We Are

Professional Real Estate Training Services with a Personal Touch

The entire reason we created Real Estate Trainers of America was for enthusiasts just like you. Our goal is to reduce the learning curve time, and we spend tremendous amounts of time developing and testing industry insights to enhance your abilities to achieve. We will also sit down with you to learn about your specific challenges and develop a plan unique to your needs.

If you’re looking for training that’s truly invested in your success, please call us today at
(323) 940-3325 to learn how we can help.

See Why Our Clients Rave About Our Training Services


This was by far one of the best decisions I've made. The information is definitely worth its weight in gold. Excellent trainer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the training?

We are not like other real estate training programs. We want you to focus your resources on completing deals! Give us a testimonial and we will give you our time! Call us for more details.

What is the earn as you learn concept?
As you complete various portions of the Real Estate Mastery program which is included with the proprietary software, you can earn credits toward free time with our experts. If you show us you are serious about learning, we will share our valuable time. 

What is the shadowing program?
We offer 1-1 time on the phone, but also in-person visits, and the opportunity to come visit one of our experts where he or she is working on real deals and shadow him or her for a time. To qualify, you need to complete the Real Estate Mastery program because we only want to help people who are serious about helping themselves. Costs depend on level of time requested.


Must read and accept terms of Disclaimer

The information and training herein is brought to you by Real Estate Trainers of America, Inc, a consulting and education company. We do not sell a business opportunity, “get rich quick” program, or guaranteed money-making system. We believe, with education, you can be better prepared to increase your activity and make decisions about real estate, but we cannot guarantee your success in real estate. We’ll show you our system and you decide if its right for you. We do not make earnings claims, efforts claims, return on education claims, or claims that our education or consulting will make you any money. Our focus is to show you how you can increase your activity. We do not promise results of any kind. Participating in real estate activity of any kind carries risk and it is possible to lose some or all of your money.

Although we are delighted to partner with you in your learning and increasing marketing activity, the education and consulting provided is general in nature, and may not be appropriate for all individuals. It is highly recommended that you supplement your activity with licensed professionals regarding securities, real estate, and other investments. We are not a licensed broker, registered investment advisor, tax accountant, or law firm. It is highly recommended that you consult with appropriately licensed experts before engaging in any specific real estate transaction. The Company’s hired presenters, educators, consultants, and staff may hold various registration and licensing, but they do not operate in such a capacity, as agents of the company. We provide training and resources, you need to decide if its right for you.

Please be aware that the education and consulting may include case studies and hypothetical examples that are used for illustrative and education purposes only. You should not view such illustrations as common or typical. Each participant and circumstances of real estate activity are unique. Customer results vary significantly and depend on many factors such as market conditions, and individual effort, time, and skill of the student. For more information, please contact us directly.

Innovation and Giving Back

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